Head To Toe Day Spa & Therapeutic Center

Dr. Letna Locke, founder and CEO of Head to Toe Day Spa and Therapeutic Center, was born in Clarendon, Jamaica. She suffers from a congenital digestive disorder which makes it impossible for her to properly digest meats, processed foods, or dairy products, as well as ingest most medications such as aspirin and penicillin.  Dr. Locke also endured severe migraine headaches, which were triggered when she ate certain foods such as chocolate and cheese.  Due to her afflictions, Dr. Locke began searching for alternatives to traditional medicinal practices to improve her chronic health problems.  Her road to health led her to become a Nurse, a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Licensed Colon Hydrotherapist, a Master Herbalist, a Certified Natural Health Professional, a Health Minister and a Naturopathic Doctor.

As a result, Head to Toe was born out of her drive and passion to educate and treat others who endure constant pain and suffering, on ways to improve their quality of life without the use of harmful medications.  Dr. Locke hopes that by promoting healthy lifestyles through education and providing useful services such as weight management, colon hydrotherapy and therapeutic massage therapy she will be able to assist others in disease prevention, pain reduction, and body detoxification.

At the age of 59 years old Dr. Locke is enjoying great health, and is an inspiration for individuals 50 and older by demonstrating that growing old is inevitable, but feeling old is optional.