Head To Toe Day Spa & Therapeutic Center



Head to Toe Day Spa and Therapeutic Center presents weekly classes on topical issues in holistic health education.  We encourage you to join us each week for one of our classes so that you can begin to take control of your health by learning how your body works and what you can do to improve your function, energy and quality of life.  The classes are introductory, open to the general public and are usually at no cost.  However, we offer on-site seminars or workshops at varied prices.


If you wish to join the mailing list to receive updates on our classes or upcoming events or have other inquiries please contact us at 954.485.1919 or events@yourheadtotoe.com


Note:  Notices regarding past and forthcoming seminars are available on this website by clicking on the calendar.  Occasionally we will post presentations that are available to download.  However, please note that copyright for these presentations is owned by the presenter and should not be used without written permission of the copyright owner.


FFAF 1st Monday of the Month: minimal cost for Raw Food Demonstration Sampling


  • Receive simple and effective movement techniques to maintain posture and flexibility

  • Learn the most effective holistic techniques that will allow you to take responsibility for your Health – Make a choice between Wellness or Sickness
  • Observe an preparation of  Live & Raw Foods and participate in an introductory discussion on the benefits of a Raw Food Diet
Weight Management & Building Wealth through promoting health: FREE every 2nd Monday


  • Assist in identify contributing factors that inhibit weight loss.

  • Learn how to effectively share with others the information and products used to improve your own healthy
  • Share information on the ever growing problems with obesity and how to overcome this epidemic.

Establishing Good Eating Practices for Children and Young Adult: FREE every 3rd Monday

  • Share easy to prepare yet nutritious recipes

  • Share the different types of foods that give natural energy vs. the use of artificial stimulants

Alternative Healing Methods:  FREE every 4th Monday

  • Learn about different natural therapies that can be utilized in place of or in conjunction with allopathic medicine. Eg: The teachings of Hippocrates (460-377B.C) “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”



Raw & Live Food Preparation: Cost vary with location

  • Learn how others have used live foods to reverse disease

  • Learn to prepare tasty nutritious dishes

  • Learn the importance of proper food combination

  • Learn the importance of eating Food by Color

Colon Therapy

  • Learn information regarding the link between a healthy colon and a healthy body

Eating the Biblical Way

  • Learn how to restore your body to optimal health

  • Learn about various plants and food that have healing effects

Note:  All of the topics listed above in ongoing classes are offered in expanded versions.  If you are interested in having one of our presenters conduct a workshop or seminar at your location please contact us at 954.485.1919 or events@yourheadtotoe.com