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Abby G. Lopez, Massage Therapist, Esthetician and Colon Hydrotherapist

Abby G. Lopez graduated from The Swedish Institute of Allied Health Sciences in NYC where she received an associate degree in massage therapy.   She currently holds licensure in massage therapy in New York and Florida State, and is nationally certified in massage and therapeutic body work.  An extensive history of cancer, diabetes and heart disease in her family sparked a passion for health and wellness through prevention.  Swedish provided the education she needed to help make positive life changes.

She began her career working for The New York Palace, The Plaza Hotel and The Waldorf Astoria in NYC, while continuing to obtain certifications in various modalities – myofascial release, pre-natal massage, basic lymphatic drainage and neuromuscular therapy.   In 2003 she began working for Equinox Fitness and Exhale MindBodySpa – both of which are nationally recognized as top fitness and yoga centers.

After relocating to South Florida in 2006, Abby continued to expand her knowledge by enrolling into the American Institute and Palm Beach Academy of Health and Beauty where she studied colon hydrotherapy and skin care esthetics.   Upon completion of the programs, Abby obtained licensure in esthetics and certification in colon hydrotherapy.

She currently practices massage, skin care and colon hydrotherapy at Head to Toe Day Spa where she continues to educate her clients on the importance of body work, nutrition and detoxification as a healthier life style choice.

Claudia Barrington, RN, Thermographer

Claudia has become the go to person for women who want a reliable, risk-free option to mammograms. Because the state of the art equipment she uses is portable, Claudia’s services are offered at doctors offices throughout South Florida. She works with women who want a safe, painless breast screening option. Thousands of women have chosen Thermal Imaging for their annual breast screening exam because it is quick, convenient, comfortable and effective. Through advanced thermal technology, women can now avoid the stress, discomfort and risks of mammograms with a safe, effective, state-of-the-art, breast screening process.

As a certified clinical thermographer for the past ten years, and time honored member of the American College of Clinical Thermography, Claudia is a leader in the growing awareness of the use and benefits of Thermography. Claudia’s continued status as an RN, with over 20yrs experience in surgical nursing, has magnified her skill and ability to communicate to her clients.

In addition to Infrared Imaging, Claudia provides both individual and group education on women’s health and breast cancer prevention.  She speaks to women who want control, confidence and peace of mind.  With a special interest in breast cancer prevention and breast health, Claudia uses her medical background and holistic approach to educate her clients.  She speaks to women in all phases of life and health increasing their awareness of lifestyle and environmental influences related to Breast cancer risks.



Donna Tomey, Thermographer

Due to a diagnosis of breast cancer early 2006, Donna understands first-hand the importance of prevention, not treatment after-the-fact. She suffered with cancer and endured a unilateral mastectomy, additional surgeries, chemotherapy and reconstructive surgery.  As a result, she endeavored to find a better way to monitor breast health, and she found it - with thermography, and founded her own thermography clinic in December, 2007.

Six weeks after her unilateral mastectomy, Donna had a breast thermogram, and there were already significant vascularities developing in her left breast...and she discovered that she was on her way to getting cancer in that breast.  This was not revealed with a mammogram, since mammography is a structural test, a test of anatomy, and it detects once you already HAVE cancer.  Quite simply, thermography detected the abnormal vascular development, which alerted her early enough, without waiting until the cancer was large enough to be detected with a mammogram, or any other imaging method.

Seeking the help of a nutritionist, and with a simple blood test, Donna was advised that her estrogen was metabolizing in such a way as to promote cancer growth.  With a strict diet, the right natural supplements and most critically, balancing her hormones, Donna was able to actually reverse the abnormal vascularity and to this day it remains stable, with no risk of breast cancer.   Donna owes her life to thermography and hormone balancing.

Donna has lectured and educated women and men, using her own images to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that thermography, along with nutrition and hormone balancing, saved her life. Now it may save yours. 

Though her primary focus is for the prevention of breast cancer, Donna also conducts full or partial-body scanning, which is an excellent screening tool that gives you an “inside look” of what’s going on inside your body before a symptom even presents itself.


  • "There is so much I could say about how I have benefited from colonics since going to Dr. Locke?s (I call her Ms. Letna). Needless to say I'm a few pounds lighter :-). The visit..."
    John DeLeon
    Life Changer